Exit Planning Bootcamps

Join area business owners and experts at a bootcamp near you.

Woodbridge - October 1st, 2019

Ashburn - October 9th, 2019

Greenbelt - October 10th, 2019

Baltimore - October 2nd, 2019

Private Session

Invest a Half-Day in Your Largest Asset: Your Business

All owners exit eventually - make sure you exit on your own terms. This half-day seminar pulls together all the moving pieces in a seminar-style format. Meet and learn from a panel of exit planning experts, ask questions in a collaborative environment, learn action items for today, tomorrow and next year, and most importantly - gain clarity about your ownership plan.

Meet the Experts

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    Dan Doran

    All Event Locations

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    Dan Graff

    Woodbridge, Virginia

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    Gary Ingram

    Woodbridge, Virginia

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    Karen Wawrzaszek

    Woodbridge, Virginia

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    Cy Alba

    Greenbelt, Maryland

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    Kathryn Hickey

    Greenbelt, Maryland


Frequently Asked Quetions:

Exit planning is about more than just the M&A deal. In just one half-day bootcamp, we’ll answer common questions from business owners:

What is the first thing a business owner should consider in terms of ownership?

What is the connection between my estate plan and the sale/transfer of my business?

How much money do I need from the sale of my business in order to retire?

What is my business actually worth? How can I find out?

At what point do I need to involve a lawyer or other experts?